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Mind Traps Before posting your message on this site (in a comment or forum), before rating the article or moving on to the next one, read the following text to the end! There is a lot of material on the Internet about spiritual development. While exploring these paths, you often come across related topics (e.g. health, UFOs, bio-therapy, secret organizations, conspiracy theories, space, ... and many more). It seems to you (you are even convinced) that studying these topics broadens your awareness and makes you a more spiritual person. You know more, and you want to know even more. Perhaps, like many others, you have just fallen into the trap of your own Ego. You  ask: why a trap? After all, it is a natural process that when a person knows more, he is wiser, and if he is smarter, he is more aware. If so, I will ask you: WHERE IS THE ONE WHO KNOWS MORE? THE ONE WHO IS MORE Conscious? Now observe the process of your mind? Which direction will it go to answer this question? Will he point you in front of a mirror to look at your physical body? Or maybe your thoughts will run towards your name, surname, profession, gender, age, education?

Perhaps you will say: ME?

It's obvious - it's my soul ... So I will ask you another question, where is your soul located? in your head, stomach, heart, eyes, or maybe it lives in every cell of your body? Is the one who is looking for an answer to this question "your soul" at this point? If YES, where is the one that answers? And if NOT then who is the one trying to answer? I am asking you these questions to stimulate you and make you aware that your search for "spirituality", your search for truth, has been trapped. It is your Ego's trap that will endlessly search for new attractions, new information, new discoveries, new theories.

The universe has an infinite amount of time for you. You can spend many years doing this, but should knowing what surrounds you really be more important than what is "inside you"?

There is nothing wrong with looking "outside" except in the illusion of the mind that tells you that there lies something that will change your life, something you discover that there is knowledge that will make you more aware. But you may be forgetting the fact that you must first see what it means to be "aware." Of course, there are people who are looking for nothing, neither inside nor outside. It is their choice and you should not disturb them. Let them "sleep" if they want to. Their time has not come yet. When I ask you - are you aware that you are breathing? You say: sure, everyone breathes, although maybe not everyone is aware of it at all times. When I ask: are you aware that you are where you are? you will say - YES. I will ask, are you aware that you are reading what you are reading now? you will say - YES. and now, .... I ask: Are you aware that you are aware? If so, who is the one who watches the whole process? Who is the one who knows you are aware? If you follow my thoughts, you will find that all the time my dialogue with you goes "inside you", while when you often search for new information about spirituality (e.g. on the Internet) your attention, energy and mind are focused on outside.

This is an illusion and a trap in which you can stay in this body until the end of your days without even realizing that you have lived for many years and still do not know anything about the nature of your own existence. It's not really about knowing, it's about feeling who you are. There are no words to describe it, but there are words that can help you delve into it. The state of self-discovery. This is the most important and greatest thing you can do in your life. This is more important than fathering a child than your diploma, your family, your bank account, or even your life experiences. Take some time and think, meditate on the question: what knowledge, what experience can bring you closer to God and to understand who you are. Is it knowledge of religions, ancient discoveries, unexplained phenomena, knowledge of how to chant, knowledge of theories of various spiritual masters, knowledge of healing techniques, astral travel, life after death, "channelling", bible, Quran, ..... or maybe a knowledge of how your own mind works?

Answer yourself: what is mindfulness? Where are your thoughts coming from who is the experiencer? (because he is neither the body, nor the name, nor the profession, nor the color of the skin, hair, or nationality ... Who experiences life between one thought and the next? Where is your ME when you sleep? is it aware that you are sleeping? Who were you in your mother's womb when you were only a few weeks old (male, female, Christian or Buddhist, where was your consciousness then?) who will you be when you leave your body how will you be described then?



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